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The Sudanese Organizations Forum condemns the events of Abyei

We, in the forum of Sudanese organizations, are following with great concern the unfortunate conflicts and battles that are taking place in the demilitarized zone of Abyei, within the ten line. Which led to the deaths and injuries and the displacement of thousands of citizens. These disputes that exceeded three days. Light and heavy weapons, as well as four-wheel drive vehicles, were used. These military operations taking place in the demilitarized zone of Abyei, in accordance with United Nations resolutions, are a very dangerous development.
The lives of civilians have been exposed to multiple risks in light of the intense debate and even the lack of basic life-saving services in the area. These conflicts in the Abyei region led to the killing of 18 people and the number of wounded 30, according to the latest statistics from the Misseriya. It also led to the killing of 15 people and the wounding of 14 other Dinka Nog. Among those victims as a result of these long-running conflicts are a number of children and women.
Abyei is considered a demilitarized zone and should be so in accordance with Security Council and United Nations resolutions. The presence and availability of such weapons is a matter of concern and raises important questions in light of the presence of the Ethiopian UN peacekeeping forces. I understand that these questions center around the importance of protecting civilians, especially women and children. Resolve the security breaches in the region firmly and decisively so that the simple citizen can enjoy security and safety. In the forum of the Sudanese organizations, we call on the United Nations agencies and humanitarian organizations to intervene urgently to provide aid and provide the necessary humanitarian assistance to the victims, especially since the Abyei region suffers from an acute shortage of humanitarian services in general, the most important of which are health, water, protection and others.
We in the forum of Sudanese organizations condemn this barbaric behavior that led to the loss of lives and left a number of victims, especially women and children. We, in the forum of Sudanese organizations, ask the United Nations peacekeeping mission, UNISFA, to intervene firmly and forcefully to set things right, track down those involved in these crimes and bring them to a fair trial in order to achieve justice and redress for the families of the victims. We also call on the Government of Sudan and the Government of Southern Sudan to work for peace in the region and to promote the values ​​of peaceful coexistence and integration among citizens so that such atrocities are not repeated again.
We also call on the Misseriya conflicting parties, and our religion desires to rule the voice of reason and give priority to the higher interest of the two communities and to work together to stop this bleeding and raise the voice of peace instead of war. We in the forum of Sudanese organizations, through the organizations operating in the region, are fully prepared to work with everyone to promote peaceful coexistence and social peace in a way that preserves rights and builds trust among all parties. We also call on the peace committees of the two sides to work together to cut the way for the merchants of war and crises and the vampires for the sake of the two peoples.
The Sudanese organizations platform calls on everyone to work together to stop this fighting as soon as possible, and is in contact with the organizations working in the region to determine priorities for providing assistance to the affected people.

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  • August 4, 2022
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