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The NGO Platform shall have one Executive Committee. This committee is a voluntary function and members will not receive any compensation for their services:
The Executive Committee is composed of thirteen members elected every two years by the members of the Platform.
The Executive Committee consists of ten committees that serve for one of their elected terms. In addition to the three principal officers are as follows:


Financial Secretary

Secretary General

1/ The Executive Committee shall be responsible for the general direction of the Sudanese organizations platform and shall represent them when necessary.
2/ Representation and advocacy on the concerns of broader Sudanese organizations that affect CSOs and other Sudanese organizations.
3/ Members of the Executive Committee are required to maintain the perspective of the Sudanese Organizations Forum in policy discussions and advocacy and are obligated to ensure the effective flow of information to members of the Platform and other stakeholders.
4/ Members of the Executive Committee are required to announce or disqualify themselves from discussions or decisions related to external oversight bodies in which their organization has a financial or reputational interest.
Approval of trust structure, funding, policy issues, and strategic plans.
5/ Assess members’ needs/interests and the external environment to ensure the development of realistic and forward-looking strategic plans and adequate funding.
6/ Discussing and planning ways to enhance cooperation and coordination.
7/ Facilitate and participate in strategic planning, program development and fundraising for the benefit of the Sudanese organizations platform and ensuring that the program and financial requirements are met.
8/ General program supervision of the NGO Secretariat.